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Instagram Marketing Hour

Are you an overwhelmed small business owner who wants to grow your business on Instagram?

Is your content not quite hitting the mark?


Are you endlessly posting and keeping your fingers crossed that someone will take notice? Or do you just have no idea where to start?

Would you like to have a one to one hour dedicated to your small service-based business?

Book a power hour with me.


Bring one Instagram marketing problem and let's make you a plan that will help you move forward.

We can cover one of these:

  • How to maximise your Instagram bio.

  • What type of content you can create for results.

  • What to say to connect with your ideal client.

  • How to get confident on camera.

  • How to get more followers.

  • The journey of follower to fan.

  • Or something else - DM me to discuss.


Send me a  message to get a slot.


Limited availability. 


All About Me

Hello, I am Claire, the founder of Totally Taylored Marketing.

I provide marketing clarity and support for small service-based businesses.

I love marketing, and I want you to enjoy it too. I have a strong passion for helping people like you. 


When you are “in” your business, it's often difficult to think of why a client is drawn to you. I have always been great at helping people like you, find your marketing clarity so that you can use the right content to attract your dream clients.


I have 17 years’ of marketing experience. I worked in large corporations from BT, and Toshiba to small and medium software businesses that grew into bigger companies. I have run large marketing campaigns with lots of companies including Microsoft, Canon, and Virgin Atlantic. The marketing does not change that much, the platforms might but the fundamentals are the same.


It’s about having marketing clarity in what you do and what you offer so that you become interesting to the people who you can help.


I set up Totally Taylored Marketing after having my boys. It didn’t feel right to me to go back to corporate life, working away from home. I wanted to be there for my family. We also had bought a wreck of a house that needed renovating and there was a lot to do!


I understand how a small business works, you do not have an unlimited budget. I have the marketing expertise to help you succeed if you are committed to doing the work.

If you are feeling confused with where to start with your marketing, and need help setting up your Instagram, bok in a call now. 





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