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Here to help you grow
your small service-based business. 

I’m Claire Taylor. Let me tell you, I am so excited that you are here. The moment I help YOU grow your business at a rate you’re comfortable with because you finally understand exactly how to market yourself for impact and action.

Are you ready to become THE go-to expert in your niche and get super visible?


You do great work, let's spread the word.

Have you been working hard to grow your online small service-based business?

You have the energy, drive and motivation to make it happen. You have been putting in all the hours towards growing your business.

You want to have an impact and do something that you are proud of that uses your strengths to help others.


But there's a problem

  • You know you have a fantastic offer but no one is buying it when you are trying to sell on social media.

  • You aren't visible.

  • You aren't reaching your ideal client.

  • You feel like the algorithm is against you.

  • You are lacking a proven marketing strategy to make it happen.

  • You want consistent sales.

  • ​You are sick of wasting hours of your days on your marketing without seeing any results. ​

  • You are more confused than ever after downloading all the freebies and watching webinars.

  • ​You know that marketing and having a powerful personal brand can help you grow your business to the next level.

How I can help you.



Marketing Strategy

Having a solid marketing strategy will make your marketing easier will save you time and money. Book a one-day session.

Marketing Support

1:1 marketing support that gives you clarity, purpose and take you to the next level.

Marketing Power Hour

One hour of my time to help you with marketing clarity.

Hi I'm Claire.

I love marketing, and I want you to enjoy it too. I have a strong passion for helping people.


When you are “in” your business, its often difficult to think of why a client is drawn to you. I have always been great at helping people like you, to find your marketing clarity, so that you can use the right content to attract your dream clients.


I have 25 years’ marketing experience. I worked in large corporations from BT, Toshiba to small and medium software businesses that grew into bigger companies. I have run large marketing campaigns with lots of companies including Microsoft, Canon, and Virgin Atlantic. The marketing does not change that much, the platforms might but the fundamentals are the same.


League Spartan.png

I set up Totally Taylored Marketing after having my boys. It didn’t feel right to me to go back to corporate life, working away from home. I wanted to be there for my family. We also had bought a wreck of a house that needed renovating and there was a lot to do!


I understand how a small business works, you do not have an unlimited budget. I have the marketing expertise to help you succeed if you are committed to doing the work.

"I have no hesitation in recommending TTM. Claire has a particular ability to identify the issues being experienced by your clients. She then produces clear, concise marketing messages which generate interest in your solution to those issues. Relationship building with your potential client base becomes so much easier."

Richard Lomer, The Glen Home Ltd

"Claire was both professional and personable throughout the whole process and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services. I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients who have seen my website and that is down to Claire, her creative vision and her hard work".

Dr Wendy Isenwater

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