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Ready to make your marketing matter?

The 1:1 mentoring program that takes you from confused and overwhelmed to clear and confident using the power of marketing!


Standout and show up confidently, post with purpose and attract clients, without icky marketing tactics, with just two hours a week!

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Is this you?


✅ You’re wasting time creating content that brings you no growth or likes.

✅ You feel like the algorithm is against you?

✅ You spend hours scrolling Instagram looking for content ideas.

✅ You’re more confused after downloading all the freebies and watching webinars.

✅ You’re becoming more stressed trying to figure it out on your own.

✅ The adrenaline of starting your business is running low because the reality of a blank calendar is making you feel like giving up!

It’s time to give you a proper marketing strategy, one that works so well that you can finally show up confidently on Instagram and attract dreamy clients to you!

Content Clarity For Clients

12-week mentoring program

I will take you from figuring it out on your own, feeling like you are wasting hours creating content that doesn’t work anyway, to having a clear marketing strategy to know exactly how and where to show up. You will start to feel confident and attract clients to you with my proven strategies.

50% of small businesses give up in 5 years.


So many small business owners give up their business, and that sucks. It’s sad to see so many bright individuals who are experts give up their business aren’t reaching the people who need their services. Because you know when you have the right people in front of you, you really help them!


Growing a sustainable business is hard, I won’t lie, but it becomes easier and faster with the right marketing strategies in place.

                                                         What if you could:

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Marketing Instagram For Impact.png
Marketing Instagram For Impact.png

Hi, I am Claire, your marketing expert. I believe that marketing at its core is just stories around you, your values and business and sharing why you do what you do.

We focus on the marketing that matters. So you can build relationships that will lead you to sales.

When you are “in” your business, it's often difficult to create the messages that draw people towards working with you. You are too close to your business, and you need to look at your business with fresh eyes. That’s where I come in, I can help you to find marketing clarity so that you can use the right messaging that will attract your dream clients.

I have 25 years marketing experience. I have worked in large corporations from BT, and Toshiba to small and medium businesses that grew into bigger companies.

It’s about having marketing clarity in what you do and what you attract people who you want to work with.

I have made the mistakes, felt like I was about to give up. I knew I could help people if I could just get in front of them.

I was embarrassed to show up on video, (my first videos are painful to watch) I never gave up, even when friends and family doubted me. I committed to consistently showing up and doing the work so I can now feel proud of my business knowing that my expertise helps hundreds of people.

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How the program works


Here is a step-by-step overview of what do you expect from working with me, confident, marketing, that attracts clients.


Small service-based business owner, 12-week marketing program to confidently attract clients on Instagram without icky marketing tactics with just two hours a week

Marketing Instagram Offer.png

Here’s everything you are getting:

  • 8, 1:1 hours of mentoring sessions: (60-minute Zoom calls)

  • Support 9-5 weekly support via WhatsApp to discuss progress and ask questions (I use WhatsApp, messenger or email to stay in touch with my clients!)

  • Proven and tested templates to guide you through your Instagram journey.

  • Consistent feedback on all of your work related to Instagram and your content

  • Bonus: Worksheets, cheat sheets, trackers and useful e-books to keep you motivated!


Want to get started?

I won’t ask you to invest anything until after we have had a discovery call and you decide you are happy to proceed.

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