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Get your service-based business found faster.

Do you want a cost-effective way to make your small service-based business to stand out?

How often do you use Google to search for a company that has been recommended to you? Do you give up if it is hard to find them?

Have you completed your Google My Business Listing?

It is free……

If someone has heard about your business and is looking for you on Google, you need to help them to find you. Make yourself stand out and be there before your potential client gets confused or worse, find your competition instead.

According to Net Marketshare, Google holds approximately 76% and 86% of search traffic via both desktop and mobile, respectively. One of the best ways to make you stand out on Google and Google Maps is to use your listing on Google My Business.

Google My Business is a place where you complete all your business information, and if you are searched for in Google, all of the information that you have saved will be presented higher up in the Google ranking. Here your potential clients can find you and your essential business information before even opening your website.

You can share your phone number, your business address, you have the option of booking or reserving an appointment with you.

Why you need to Get on Google My Business:

If you complete your Google My Business listing well, it provides great free opportunities for your business, especially for local ones. Your listing will be the first thing people see when they search for your business name in Google.

So how do you get on Google My Business?

A Google My Business listing is a powerful tool when you use it correctly; you can:

  • Manage and promote relevant business information

  • Share customer photos, videos, and other content.

  • Engage with potential customers and manage your reputation

  • Collect customer insights.

But don't just stop there, many businesses only complete this information, but there are so many possibilities that can help you stand out.

Make The Most Of Your Business Listing:

Use the fantastic features to help grab your client's attention and make your business stand out from the rest. To help you, try the following as a start.

1. Complete Your Business Information

Add your core business information, keep it up to date, and check it regularly. Make sure this information is consistent with what is currently listed on your website because they are indexed by Google Search, Maps and Google+, providing a foundation for your local Search Engine Optimisation.

• Name

• Address

• Phone Number

• Website

• Description

• Category.

It is also worthwhile knowing that anyone, including your competitors, can make a change or edit your Google my Business listing, so always make sure you are checking it regularly.

Here are my top tips for completing your business information:

  • Make sure that your address matches the right coordinates on the map and include the same postcode provided on your website.

  • If you have one, enter a local phone number

  • Be specific in choosing your business category

  • Keep your business description clear and interesting

  • Think about answering common customer questions

  • 35% of businesses get clicked more if they have a profile picture, it helps build interest, so make sure you add relevant photos

  • Your business listing only has 750 characters (and the top 250 of those show up), so make sure you are concise.

2. Take Advantage of Google's Reviews

Google My Business can be used to show people that you are reliable and trustworthy. If you can get your clients to sign in and review you it helps others see how good your services are. Once you have a client who has used your services, you can send them the link which you can copy and paste from the "share review form". Make it easy for your client to recommend you.

3. Google Posts

These are almost like "mini-ads" or "social media posts" that show up in Google search in your Google My Business listing. These posts show up prominently in mobile searches, so if you use them regularly, you will stand out. You can find them on the left-hand side, select "posts," and you can have some fun adding, for example, call to action, an event, your latest blog, a holiday message, this is a fantastic way to stand out. Your posts will stay live for only seven days after the date of the event, but they can still be found in your listing.

4. Upload Photos and Videos to Your Listing

A great way to share your business is to make sure your Google My Business listing has photos and videos to your listing. Visual content will help resonate with your customer. You can add a 30-second video about your business by clicking on the "Add Video" button. Please also note that your videos need to be of people at the place of business.

As you can see here, there are some great ways of getting your business to stand out online, and it is FREE!

Start your marketing planning today. If you need any help, I share lots of advice like this in my Facebook Group. Ready to Grow? Marketing Hub. Join here.

Hello, I am Claire Taylor, owner of Totally Taylored Marketing. I provide consulting and strategy to small service-based business owners who are ready for a marketing plan for their business.

Totally Taylored Marketing helps you create content that speaks to your customers and only put your marketing budget where your fans are. I work with you to maximise impact and minimize the time, energy and spend on your communications.

If you need any help contact me here.

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