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Struggling to grow your small service-based business on Instagram?


I see you! Working hard, trying to grow your business on Instagram. You have the drive, ambition and motivation to make it happen. You want to turn your passion into something that will make a difference to others.

But you just don't know how to make your Instagram to work and clients to say YES to working with you. 

Imagine If:

- You had clarity in your business and learned to market yourself in a  confident and successful way​
- You developed a simple Instagram strategy to grow your online presence to bring in more discovery calls
- You felt empowered to be yourself on Instagram and be seen as the expert​
- You became an expert at creating content on Instagram that converts people into loyal fans that actually want to buy from you.

Hi. I am Claire.


I help service-based business owners like you to feel confident every time you show up so that running your business feels GOOD.

Over our 8 x 1:1 sessions, I’ll show you how to build your marketing to attract your ideal clients. Built on solid foundations, we will craft persuasive marketing content so you can communicate and sell your services with ease. 


Welcome to your " Real Business Owner Instagram Marketing " Programme. 

Where you get to stand out, show up confidently and attract clients

Without icky marketing tactics

In just a few hours a week.

  1. First, you will get crystal clear with your marketing foundations, so you can understand who you want to attract as dream clients.

  2. Then we will focus on your specific marketing messaging so that you can show up confidently on Instagram as an expert and build an engaged community.

  3. Finally, we will create a marketing funnel that’s aligned to your values and focusses on the client journey to attract dream clients without pushy sales tactics.


Phase One: Marketing Clarity:

  • First, we are going to focus on how people think

  • Then we will re-programme how people think

  • Then we will focus on marketing theory that attracts them to you, so you don’t feel invisible!

  • How:1:1 marketing calls and support

  • Plus: 24/5 support with worksheets.

Phase Two: Marketing Content

  • First, we will focus on your messaging and craft it to attract clients with ease.

  • Then we will create a content strategy plan so you can show up as an authority in your niche.

  • Then we will build an engaged community to turn followers into fans using Instagram.

  • Proven templates and explanations

  • With support and feedback on your messaging.

Phase Three: Client Attraction

We will create a marketing funnel on Instagram

Understand Instagram and how you can confidently show up

We will then create a roadmap, so you know how to move your clients through each stage of the marketing journey

Then we will create a marketing content strategy that you can use repeatedly

How: Proven marketing funnel

Plus: 24/5 support and feedback on your offering.

"I had an amazing marketing strategy call with Claire today. I came away feeling excited, raring to get going and much clearer on how I wish to convey my message in marketing materials, and within social media. Claire is super easy to talk to and lets you know what changes you could make in a way that is respectful and positive. I would highly recommend "


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