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5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Marketing For Coronavirus

As a small service-based business, you might be feeling concerned and be worried about the impact the coronavirus will have on your business.

COVID-19 is something that is changing daily, and we are in uncertain times. We don't know how much it is going to disrupt our business or our client's business and what the impact will be.

BUT there are some things you can do with your marketing to make it easier and to prepare so that you can keep showing up for your community.

FIVE things you can do to help reduce your stress and overwhelm:

Schedule Your Social Media in advance: If you are a parent and your child's school closes, you will appreciate getting your social media scheduled now. I would recommend taking a day out now and schedule the next month's content so that you can stay visible. I use Facebook publisher and Later for Instagram to forward plan my social media marketing.

If you write blogs - start batch writing these too, so you are prepared to show up consistently.

Talk to your clients - Now is the time to build on the relationships that you have with your clients. To empathise, and to understand their situation. You may have to pause work for them or help them to move their planned marketing events, launches, to something online.

Online Marketing: If you have a marketing event coming up, think about moving it online. You can use Zoom to provide face to face training. Just think about all the opportunities of having people at home wanting to learn more. Think about doing your marketing differently. Ideas are: webinars, podcasts, 1:1 training sessions, or just keep posting and showing up on your social media. Can you offer your clients an online version of what you usually do face to face?

Use your network: Make sure to have back up in place, people you can trust to outsource your work, so if you are to catch the coronavirus, you can have people to step in for you.

Time to grow: Reflect, fine-tune your marketing strategy. If your client work drops for a while, then use the time to do all of that marketing that you haven't had time to do - create videos, plans, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Let's be positive about our marketing; it can be an opportunity for you to pause and maybe try out new marketing ideas.

We are into an uncertain time, and with this period of change, look after yourself and do everything you can to prepare your marketing so that you continue to grow.

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