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Marketing with Heart. Transform Your Clients Experience For Success.

Can you remember the last time you were really looked after as a client? That memorable out of the box experience that made you feel exceptional and valued? I can remember about six proper experiences.

That's only six amazing, will-never-forget-this, customer experiences in 46 years!

Small service-based business owners have lots to do on their lists. They don't often make room for what you might consider the "extras" — this can be in the form of client gifts, a special personal message, an easy to navigate website menu, or warming welcome email.

But if you want to stand out, it's the "extra" stuff that clients remember and tell their friends, colleagues, and clients.

We all have competitors.

But to keep your clients coming back to work with you again and again, to create a ripple effect so your clients sing your praises to others, it’s the extra care that only you can add to the process of working together.

So, it is essential in your marketing strategy to think about how you can make your clients enjoy the process of working with you. From the first introduction, like the experience of your social media, website, you should be making every moment to be as attentive as you can.

How can you dazzle your client's experience and make it as nurturing and excellent as possible?

Here are four steps to help you with this:

1) The Beginning

You google results for photographers' services; you find two results that have good reviews. You go onto their websites and find one site has a great navigation friendly experience and one with a clunky look and feel and isn't mobile-friendly. Your first impression has been made.

It is bad.

You spend so long getting people to your website, make it easy to draw them further into your world. Most of them are from a google search. Make your website easy to find, then navigate, make it easy for people to enjoy looking at your marketing.

  • I suggest you Google your business name now. Are you proud of what you see? Can you improve on things?

  • Check your profile information on social media; make sure it is complete. Fill out your story in the about section on your Facebook page. Make sure your Instagram bio says who you are, what you do, and gives a clear call to action.

  • Complete the Search Engine Optimisation of your site, so the snippets on Google provides clear and complete information about what you are.

  • Get set up on Google Maps, update your business information, add videos and images.

2) First Impressions:

After your great first impression, your client has inquired about your services and booked you.

How can you make the right impression at the beginning of working together?

  • Use a scheduling tool for booking in a first meeting, use Doodle, Calendly, to give them an easy way to find the most convenient time.

  • Give your client a welcome pack and provide them with introductory information: timing, ways of working, what to expect, FAQ's.

  • Could you even send them a start-of-the-project gift? A thoughtful teabag in a card for a first-time coaching client? Or a coffee gift card for the café near their business?

  • Make your website have a site menu that gives them all they need to know and make it easy to contact you, call you or inquire about your services.

3) The Middle:

As a service - based business, it is easy to ignore your clients in the "middle part" of a project. You might be busy with your head's down doing the actual work, and you don't think about contacting them because you are working. Maybe there isn't much to say, but you can still involve them.

  • Did you read an interesting article in Forbes today? Did you see something thought-provoking shared on social media that you could share with your client? Or maybe you could tag them in something you think they would find interesting?

  • You can also give your client a peek into the work you are doing for them, giving them a weekly update. Think about if there are things they can be doing while you are completing some work for them, maybe you can suggest they get a new set of photos for their business, or start thinking about the blog that they might write to go with what you are providing for them?

4) The Finale:

You complete the task, what can you do to express your gratitude for your work together? You can send them a handwritten thank-you note or a little gift.

  • Think about ways to keep in touch over the next year with your marketing, through the year ahead. Have you thought about the additional services that you can offer? Articles, book recommendations, advice?

  • Can you keep in front of them on social media and tag them in occasionally? Shout out about the work you did together online, what a great client. Add their customer quote, or case study to your website, share snippets of this on Instagram, and you could dedicate an email series to the story of your work together. Whatever you do, just think about your clients and how you can make them feel as unique as you can. You did a lot to get that client, and it's the little things that can make you stand out as a fantastic business to work with.

I share lots of advice like this in my Facebook Group. Ready to Grow? Marketing Hub. Join here.

Hello, I am Claire Taylor, owner of Totally Taylored Marketing. I provide consulting and strategy to small service-based business owners who are ready for a marketing plan for their business.

Totally Taylored Marketing helps you create content that speaks to your customers and only put your marketing budget where your fans are. I work with you to maximise impact and minimize the time, energy and spend on your communications.

If you need any help contact me here.

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