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Easily Find Content Ideas For Social Media

8 Ways To Easily Find Content Ideas

Small Business Content Ideas. Instagram Marketing Berkshire
Find Content Ideas Easily

You know, creating content has become increasingly important for small businesses.

It helps you to show up as an authority in your niche. It helps you to build a community, create engagement and attract your ideal clients.

However, with so many people creating content, it’s hard to stand out.

And you know content creation takes up SO much time. To help you, I am sharing eight places you can search for content ideas online:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic platform to find content ideas on pretty much everything and anything; it's so stylish and inspiring. You could spend hours looking at Instagram content ideas that have nothing to do with marketing, so stay focused on this platform so you don't get distracted.

2. Blogs

Find blogs in your niche that regularly post brilliant content. Get inspired by them – and this is important, do not copy them. When you create your own content, it will help you to get strong in your own voice; plus it's not cool, and you can get yourself in trouble. Make sure to put your own thoughts, your opinion and your spin on things. Be yourself.

3. YouTube

There are millions of value-filled videos being uploaded daily; I am sure you will find the latest news in your industry and also get inspired by valuable posts you can create.

4. Quora

If you have a question about absolutely anything in this world, you'll most likely find an answer here. You will also find lots of people adding to the discussions.


This little secret site will help you find the latest trending topics and questions that people are asking on Google. I try to check this every few weeks for content ideas. Note that you only get a few free searches per day.

6. Instagram Comments

What better place to find content ideas than on Instagram? Just take a look at the questions users ask in your own comments- or in the comments of other accounts in your industry and answer them in a post.

7. Podcast

If someone in your industry has created a podcast, it will be full of ideas that you can use to answer the problems of your ideal audience. I often listen to podcasts and get inspired while I am out walking.

8. Amazon.

If you go and search for popular books in your industry targeting your ideal client – read the comments; there are hundreds of comments that you can sift through and get valuable content questions that you can answer in your marketing. Have a look at the low reviews - what are their frustrations? Home in on those and see what people want that the book didn't deliver and use this in your content.

I hope that you enjoy the options I have shared here for the days when you are stuck.

I can help you create a content strategy that will speak to your clients to attract them to you. I work with you to maximise impact and minimise the time, energy and spend on your communications. If you want more help creating your content, have you grabbed my free "Content that Attracts Clients guide?

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