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Why you need marketing with PURPOSE – now.

Marketing strategy with Purpose
Why you need marketing with PURPOSE

Did you start your business, and been experimenting with marketing? Are you stuck? There are so many things to do, and its easy to get caught up in the details.

There are SO many options. You can't move forward because you are overwhelmed with a list of marketing questions.

Questions like: "What is marketing? How do I make it bring me, clients? "How do I reach a particular customer group?" "How can I increase my Instagram following?" "How can I get to the top of Google's search rankings?"

These are all valid questions, and they need answering, however often the most important aspect has been forgotten.

You see, there are many "growth hacks" that you can work on to get your clients attention. Many shiny objects that can stray you away from the one crucial underlining factor that if you get right, everything in your business will make this a whole lot easier.

It will grow your client base and create real, long-lasting loyalty.

Because unless you are something like Air BnB, or Uber, with a new market, and an original idea, your clients can probably choose from a variety of services that are of similar value and price.

So, if I ask you now, why would I choose you?

If you don't have an exact reason for your clients to purchase from you over others, then you will have to turn to marketing tactics methods like competitive pricing, running promotions or worse, fear-based marketing.

Firstly, you might get stuck needing to continue using these strategies to keep clients returning or new ones coming in the door. And secondly, when people become your client because of a price drop, promotion or promise of product-related gains, it creates a sale that does not make deep connections and long-term customer loyalty.

So, what can you do to inspire client’s action in a non-icky way?

Have a higher purpose at the centre of your business beyond making a profit and communicate this purpose with your people; make it the core driver to everything you do, from your marketing to the individuals you hire and the work that you take on.

You see the clients that you work with are interested in you and why you are doing the fabulous things that you do.

I believe that as a small business owner, you should have a purpose to pursue at the core of your business. It's about not only making a profit but attracting the right clients who want to be a part of that purpose. It's been proven in a study that companies who focused on a purpose had almost three times the annual growth rate than their entire industry.

When you are sure of what you stand for, why you do the brilliant things that you do, it's so much more engaging for your clients. They get you. They want to be part of your community that has a purpose, a vision, and a reason for being.

Your purpose is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Nail this and the rest will become so much easier.

So, how do you start with finding your purpose?

Start by asking yourself what is the reason you are in business? This is where you need to think bigger than yourself and your desire to make profit or have a better lifestyle.

Here are some questions I ask my new clients to help them think about:

  • What was the main purpose, the reason, the belief, the frustration or desire you felt when you decided to create your business or become trained in your skill?

  • What would you like to change?

  • What shift would you like to make in the people you serve?

  • If you could change one thing in the world, through your business, what would it be?

For example, if you are a business coach, you aren't trying to change the coaching industry. It's not about a single meeting or call with you.

You need to look beyond your service features; it's about the reason they will want to work with you. It's about how a coaching session can make someone feel, how they change because of working with you, and how it enriches their lives and the lives of others around them.

This might be the higher purpose of coaching with you: enriching life by prioritising themselves and their self-discovery to a happier life. It's about how they work with you and the setting of clear goals and objectives to achieve this and enjoying life.

You need to think beyond your service features to the more significant shift you desire.


Your purpose is something you need to review regularly, to create a purpose statement to use as your guiding compass. When this is in place, if you haven't already, you can look at making a set of values, mission and vision statements.

Once you have your purpose, use it to shape the story you tell. It's a powerful marketing strategy because clients can connect with you, and they are brought into your world, to feel close to you and what you are up to.

We connect through stories that share similar values and views of the world, regardless of whether you are a thought leader or a brand. If we don't know what you stand for, then we don't know if we want to work with you.

Share your purpose through your story and let your clients be inspired.

Take us along the journey with you.

Totally Taylored Marketing helps you create marketing communications that speaks to your clients. I work with you to maximise impact and minimize the time, energy and spend on your communications.

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